Mission and Purpose

I have been listening to Jim Camp’s book about starting with ‘No.’ It doesn’t solely begin and end with ‘No,’ but instead emphasizes the importance of creating an M&P (Mission and Purpose) statement. It’s crafted by listing your assets, or in the case of sales what you bring to the table, and then expanding that list to include the benefits that you bring to the other party. Then you are ready to define your “mission and purpose” statement in relationship to the benefits others experience as you live out your values and vision. By doing so, you can gain control over your life because your goals are based on your actions rather than outcomes. If you aren’t attached to the outcomes, you won’t be afraid to hear or say ‘no.’

So I worked with chatGPT to help me define M&P statements for my self with my God, my wife, and my children. I’d already completed one for my clients, but after the dialogue with chatGPT I ended up having it generate one for relationships with friends and acquaintances as well as one for myself, and a new one for my clients. The following is the final result.

Mission and Purpose Statement for Your Relationship with Christ:
To serve Christ by faithfully stewarding the gifts and talents He has given me, and to use these resources to help build His kingdom on Earth and to support and uplift those around me.

Mission and Purpose statement for your relationship with yourself:
To cultivate self-awareness and personal growth, by investing in my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. To prioritize self-care and self-compassion, and to continually strive towards a healthy and balanced life that enables me to show up fully and authentically in all areas of my life.

Mission and Purpose Statement for Your Relationship with Your Wife:
To be a loving and supportive partner to my wife, by actively listening to her needs, providing emotional support, and fostering a partnership that encourages her personal growth and well-being.

Mission and Purpose Statement for Your Relationship with Your Children:
To create a safe and nurturing environment for my children, where they feel loved, supported, and encouraged to explore their passions and talents. To be a positive role model and mentor, providing guidance and wisdom as they navigate their journey into adulthood.

Mission and Purpose statement for your relationships with your extended family:
To maintain strong and meaningful relationships with my extended family by investing time and effort into building deeper connections, actively listening to their needs and desires, and supporting them through life’s challenges. By fostering these relationships, I hope to create a supportive and loving family community that enriches all of our lives.

Mission and Purpose Statement for your Relationships with Your Friends and Acquaintances:
To cultivate meaningful and authentic relationships with friends and acquaintances by actively listening, offering support and encouragement, and creating opportunities for shared experiences that deepen our connections and help us grow together.

Mission and Purpose Statement for Your Relationship with Your Clients:
To empower my clients by providing personalized financial guidance and education, with a commitment to ethical and responsible practices that help them achieve their financial goals and build lasting wealth for themselves and their families.

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